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SMRE cutting and welding machines have been a benchmark in the pergola industry for many years. Whether you’re looking for high speed, high precision cutting machines, highly efficient welding machines, or a combination of multiple technologies in a single, continuous welding and cutting station, you can count on your SMRE machine to reduce your need for expensive, highly skilled manpower and make pergolas of superior quality.

Pergolas / Special machines

Our product catalogue contains a wide range of standard machine models equipped with a vast variety of technologies, accessories, and software solutions. But when a standard machine is not the right fit, our engineering team can develop a custom-made solution for you. Our custom machines combine innovative technologies with traditional manufacturing methods and integrate mechanics, pneumatics, electronics and software. SMRE custom manufacturing solutions fit your production requirements like a well-tailored suit and deliver the efficiency, quality, and production output you expect.


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.