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SMRE developed SM-200-SA, the fasters keder maker in the world.  With welding speeds up to 40 meters per minute and a series of special features, SM-200-SA is the undisputed keder-maker champion. Besides the hardware, our automation team developed a custom program to monitor the production and the performance of the machine. The software keeps track of the total amount of welding hours, the total amount in which the heating element has been operative, and a daily counter that monitors and registers the hours the machines has worked in the last 7 days. A series of special guides, welding wheels and nozzles were created to guarantee the creation of keders of the highest quality, both aesthetically and in strength.

Keders / Welding machines

Welding PVC-coated fabrics, crystal (clear) PVC, acrylics and polyester textiles with hot air, hot melt (liquid glue) or ultrasonic technology or a combination thereof: our textile bonding machines rise to the challenge with their unparalleled flexibility and flawless technology.


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