Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for

Insect screens

First introduced in 2005, machines of the 500- and 520-series caused a revolution in the insect screen industry by drastically reducing production time, needed man power, and discards. A decade later and hundreds of machines supplied to manufacturers in all corners of the world, the SMRE machines are still at the top of the market. Minimal setup times, a multitude of clever welding and cutting tools and accessories built on a highly efficient, industrial machine structure allow you to automate your production and create retractable insect screens with the quality you are looking for.

Insect screens / Cutting machines

Whether you cut very large panels, squares and rectangles, curves, complex or even highly complex patterns, whichever finished products in PVC-coated textiles you manufacture, the SMRE machines, with their multiple technologies and cleverly designed tools and accessories, allow you to cut an infinite range of shapes with speed and great precision.


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.