Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for


Looking for a solution to high speed cut your PVC and create complex and even very complex shapes? Want a conveyor belt machine to cut patterns of infinite length with extreme precision? SMRE has just the right solution for you. Our long-standing expertise, hundreds of machines supplied to manufacturers all over the world combined with innovative technology and Italian creativity secure our position as leading supplier of industrial cutting machines to cut, weld and sew PVC coated textiles.

Inflatables / Welding machines

Welding PVC-coated fabrics, crystal (clear) PVC, acrylics and polyester textiles with hot air, hot melt (liquid glue) or ultrasonic technology or a combination thereof: our textile bonding machines rise to the challenge with their unparalleled flexibility and flawless technology.


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.