Stationary head welding machine


Need to weld clear PVC, PVC-coated textiles or other thermoplastic films? Looking for a solution to produce keders, create pockets, overlaps or hems with or without rope? With its sturdy industrial structure and a selection of custom-made guides and welding wheels the SM-200-SA will create a wide variety of seams even on the heaviest flexible PVC.

The SM-200-SA is a thoroughly tested, highly reliable manufacturing solution. A super strong and user-friendly machine with a competitive price. Fast and precise, ideal for manufacturers who need to perform continuous welds on industrial textiles.

In 2017, SMRE introduced a high-speed version of the SM-200-SA for the continuous, high-speed production of keders. An extremely powerful heater and a series of carefully selected industrial components and tools allow for welding speeds up to 40 m/m. The custom-designed guides and welding wheels ensure high quality, tightly welded keders.


  • Hot air or optional ultrasonic welding technology
  • Custom tools and accessories for infinite applications
  • Superior seams
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Top quality parts
  • Multiple welding menus
  • Easy to operate
  • Limited operational costs
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Suitable for the heaviest PVC-coated textiles


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.