Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for

Shade sails & umbrellas

For almost 20 years SMRE has been the leader in the design and construction of automation solutions for the sun protection industry. Whether you need a high speed, high precision cutting solution for your extra-large shade sails, very efficient welding machines, or solid, industrial sewing stations, SMRE has a tailor-made manufacturing solution for you. Discover our machines to produce shade sails and umbrellas in our website or contact us. Our team of experts will assist you in choosing exactly the right technology for your specific applications.

Shade sails & umbrellas / Sewing machines

Looking for a solution to apply a keder profile to the edge of your banners? Need a machine to put a decorative braid on your awning valances or make overlaps and pockets on fire retardant fabrics to create smoke curtains? Create extra-large theater curtains? Or marquees and terrace covers in heavy PVC? We have the solution for you!

Shade sails & umbrellas / Stabilization of crystal (clear) PVC

To solve the problem of shrinking crystal (clear) PVC, SMRE developed a system for the just-in-time heat treatment of single sheets. After the treatment with infrared light and cold air the clear PVC is perfectly stable and can be welded or sewn into finished products like pergolas, shade sails, tension structures, marquees, or veranda covers, and will not shrink anymore, even when exposed to heat or cold.


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.